Dark Key Music
        Don't be afraid of the dark...

Congratulations to Terence Blanchard  
          for his 2010 Grammy Award Win!!!!

Best Improvised Jazz Solo

Dancin' 4 Chicken
Terence Blanchard, soloist
Track from: Watts (Jeff "Tain" Watts)
[Dark Key Music]

On-liner notes for "WATTS"

Jeff "Tain" Watts - drums
Terence Blanchard - trumpet
Branford Marsalis - tenor & soprano sax
Christian McBride - acoustic bass
Lawrence Fields - piano (track 4 only)

Recorded at Legacy Recording Studio, New York, NY
July 26 & 27, 2008
Recording engineer: Patrick "Jatty Q" Smith
Produced by: Jeff "Tain" Watts
Production Assistant: Laura Kahle
October 3,4,5 2008 at The Plantation, Burbank, CA by Patrick Smith, Jeff Watts and Laura Kahle.
November 11, 2008 by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NY.
Artwork by Miho Morita and Jeff Watts
Design by Miho Morita

Track Listing (all compositions by Jeff Watts: Tainish Chamber Music BMI)
1. Return of the Jitney Man  (7:03)
2. Brekky with Drecky 
3. Katrina James  (5:23)
4. Owed...  (5:06)
5. Dancin' 4 Chicken  (9:33)
6. Wry Köln  (6:18)
7. Dingle - Dangle  (6:38)
8. Devil's Ring Tone: The Movie  (6:52)
Starring, in order of appearance:
Voice mail operator - Robert Gasper
Helen Blazes - Laura Kahle
Rome Phillips as himself
James Devlin as himself
Additional voices by Cool T, Ling, Black Frank, Big Q, Juan Tainish and Rara Jones.
9. M'buzai  (3:06)
10. The Devil's Ring Tone  (6:05)


This recording is dedicated to the memories of Ronnie Mathews, Stan Lane, Hiram Bullock, Tony "Rome" Romano and Dave Carpenter.


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